Other Services

Logoservice also deals with the integration of its services together with all is necessary in order to improve the solutions.

Saving is not a joke.

Logoservice follows You at 360 degrees with great care for details.

We offer You programs of predictive maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, by exploiting the best updated technologies available on the market: remote control and monitoring, thermography and non-destructive analysis on materials; we execute instrumental analysis for the research of damages and/or systems failures, using the most complete updated equipments available on the market.

Engineering, installation and inspection of electric, thermal and photovoltaic installations.

Logoservice gives assistance to its customers through a programmed maintenance package, based on detailed and recurrent analysis; we propose services and contracts of maintenance, analysis, remote monitoring and cleaning of photovoltaic panels.

Our Company deals with acoustic both in working places, but also in external environments, and therefore in building industry to ensure the compliance with passive acoustic buildings requirements. Our staff includes a technician skilled in environmental acoustic.

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