Twenty years of experience are the basis of Logo Service.

The experience built up in many years of activity, together with the expertise of our qualified partners, gives us the chance to offering our services on the market with authority and competence in the installation sector, facility management and in the adoption and management of innovative technologies aimed at energetic efficiency of energy creation from a renewable source.


Project financing

It is an English term that means “to finance a project”: it consists in financing, totally or partially, a public work through private capitals, which will be refunded and paid back through the running of the work itself, thanks to the granting of the concession for some years of the payment services foreseen by the project.


Interventions aimed to improve the energetic efficiency, taking on one’s self the intervention risk and discharging the final customer from each kind of organization or investment duty. The economic savings obtained are divided between the ESCO and the final customer through different types of commercial agreement.

Problem solving

To analyze the problem and find the solution represents the reason for being of Logoservice.

25 years of experience in developing and maintaining of automated systems and installations are our business card.

We are available to put all our competence at your service.

Bureaucratic assistance

After-sales photovoltaic installation assistance, all fulfillments required by the Customs Agency , Gse , Electric energy and gas Authorities will be provided.

Building Industry

It refers to all techniques and acknowledgements aimed to the realization of an installation or, in a more specific way, a building; we propose You interventions on buildings and their related registration in the real estate cadastre or cadastral variations.

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